Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Atlanta Falcons Week 3 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

Throughout the 2020 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Here is where the Atlanta Falcons rank in terms of average, best and worst:

  • Average ranking: 21.2 (21st)
  • Best ranking: 20th (Multiple)
  • Worst ranking: 24th (

Below you will find a Week 3 roundup for the Falcons in our consensus 2020 NFL Power Rankings.

The Athletic -- Rank: 20

What we learned: Their fans deserve a socially-distanced hug. According to Sportradar, there have been 536 instances in NFL history where a team scored 39 points or more and was a plus-three in turnover differential. Prior to Sunday, those teams were 534-1. The Denver Broncos lost a 49-39 heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 8 of the 1964 season (I think their coach blamed shoddy WiFi). That was a much different game. The Broncos were down 42-10 before mounting a comeback. Their win probability did not look like this. All we will remember from this game is the onside kick, and for good reason. But it's worth noting that the Falcons' defense gave up 570 yards and allowed scores on seven of the game's final eight possessions.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 20

That meltdown in Dallas could be the undoing of this team and the ultimate end for Dan Quinn if they don't turn it around. They had no business losing that game and falling to 0-2.

USA Today -- Rank: 20

A total implosion is kinda, sorta, somewhat understandable vs. Belichick and Brady. But Sunday's meltdown in Dallas might be unforgivable. For context, per Elias, the previous 440 teams to score 39 points while going turnover-free won -- a miraculous stat Atlanta has now sullied.

ESPN -- Rank: 22

Under-the-radar fantasy standout: WR Russell Gage

Gage is certainly overlooked playing next to arguably the league's best wide receiver in Julio Jones and touchdown-maker Calvin Ridley. But after two games, Gage has 15 catches for 160 yards and a touchdown on 21 targets, with 63 yards after the catch. Gage has a chemistry with quarterback Matt Ryan from spending extra time with him during the offseason. And Gage has a good understanding of coverages and where to sit down in the zone. Plus, he'll benefit from the defensive coverage being drawn toward Jones and Ridley. -- Vaughn McClure -- Rank: 24

That was the worst Falcons loss since ... well, you know. Up 20-0 at the end of the first quarter and 39-24 with just over five minutes to play in the fourth quarter at Jerrah World, Atlanta managed to kick away a game that could end up defining its season. Julio Jones' end zone drop, a defense that couldn't stop the bleeding, a hands team that refused to use them on the crucial onside kick -- the goat horns were plentiful. They have to be when there's a stat like this: Since 1933, teams are now 440-1 when scoring 39-plus points without a turnover. Some history you want absolutely no part of.

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