Thursday, September 21, 2023

Dallas Cowboys Week 3 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Below you will find a Week 3 roundup for the Dallas Cowboys in our consensus 2023 NFL Power Rankings.

ESPN -- Rank: 2

Player: WR CeeDee Lamb
Current contract situation: Under contract through the 2024 season

The Cowboys picked up his fifth-year option for 2024 but would like to sign him to an extension sooner rather than later. The price to do so is only going to go up, and they will have Micah Parsons, Dak Prescott and some others to consider signing to extensions as well, which will stress their cap. Lamb has 15 catches for 220 yards in two games this season and is clearly Prescott's go-to guy. There are six receivers currently making at least $24 million a year, and for the Cowboys to get a deal done now, Lamb's yearly average will have to be more than that. Maybe a lot more. -- Todd Archer -- Rank: 4

The Cowboys have their best scoring margin through two games since the 1970 merger (a whopping +60 points), even better than in the Super Bowl seasons of 1971 and 1995. Defensively, they're pretty bonkers, forcing seven turnovers and allowing one touchdown in 120 minutes of football. The offense clearly can do more, only converting half its red-zone possessions into touchdowns. But for as many nits as we can pick on that side of the ball, the balance has been good. The physicality has been excellent. The efficiency has been very solid. It's hard to complain about what Mike McCarthy and Brian Schottenheimer have schemed up, even if the passing game has been a little safe with big leads.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 2

The defense has been dominant in two games. The offense hasn't been asked to do that much, but when you give up 10 points in two games, it doesn't need to do much.

USA Today -- Rank: 3

Can't do better than winning your first two games, even if the triumphs came against New York, New York — the overmatched Giants and post-Rodgers Jets. But credit America's Team, just the fifth in the Super Bowl era (since 1966) to score at least 70 points while allowing no more than 10 collectively in its first two outings.

The Athletic -- Rank: 1

The offense is the reason the Cowboys stayed in the top spot. After being led by the defense and special teams in Week 1, Dallas' offense put up 382 yards and 30 points against a Jets defense that was fearsome in Week 1. CeeDee Lamb had 11 catches for 143 yards. If the Cowboys hadn't kicked four field goals in the red zone, this one would have been gross(er).

FOX -- Rank:

I can't bring myself to rank the Cowboys above the Niners squad that's ended their season two years in a row, but I was awfully close. Beating up on the Zach Wilson Jets doesn't carry the same weight as if it was Aaron Rodgers, but Dak Prescott absolutely hammered a New York defense that made Josh Allen look like a rookie just last week, and Micah Parsons continues to stake his claim as the best defender in the league. This Cowboys team has outscored its first two opponents by a total of 70-10, which is typically something you only see in college football.

Yahoo! -- Rank: 3

Putting up 382 yards and 30 points on that Jets defense is impressive. We all saw what the Jets did to the Bills' offense in Week 1. The Cowboys, with their plus-60 point differential, have looked better on both sides of the ball than anyone could have expected through two weeks.

PFT -- Rank: 1

Yes, they've leapfrogged multiple unbeaten teams. That's a reflection of how dominant they have been in two games.

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