Saturday, November 11, 2023

Los Angeles Chargers Week 10 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Below you will find a Week 10 roundup for the Los Angeles Chargers in our consensus 2023 NFL Power Rankings.

ESPN -- Rank: 14

Non-QB MVP: WR Keenan Allen

Nearly every player on the Chargers has fluctuated from bad to good this year, but Allen, in his 11th season, has been one of the team's most consistent players. He is on pace for 1,530 yards this season, which would be the most in his career. He currently has 62 receptions, 720 yards and 4 touchdowns. In a win over the Vikings, Allen threw a 49-yard touchdown pass and caught 18 passes for 215 yards. Coach Brandon Staley said Allen plays the position "as an art form." "He has some stuff that's intangible," Staley said, "that's hard to find." -- Kris Rhim -- Rank: 16

Forget for a moment that the Chargers roundly struggled to move the ball against a good Jets defense, having even more trouble than they experienced against the Cowboys. But when the special teams can deliver a punt-return TD and two field goals, and the defense can keep the opponent out of the end zone all game, well, all is forgiven for now. The Bolts at least were opportunistic offensively, turning three turnovers into 10 points and taking advantage of some short fields. But other than that, this puppy was all on a defense that has taken its share of beatings this season. This time, the unit delivered the punishment across the board. Even on a night when Justin Herbert couldn't get much going, Los Angeles controlled the game from start to finish.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 15

That might not have been a season-saving victory over the Jets, but they had to have it. The offense still isn't close to being good right now.

USA Today -- Rank: 14

We give Brandon Staley a lot of flak for his underwhelming defense. Well, Monday night it posted eight sacks, three takeaways and didn't allow a touchdown ... though, does the performance really count when it comes against the Jets?

The Athletic -- Rank: 16

Report card: C-minus

The Chargers hired Brandon Staley because he was a defensive innovator, but in his third year, Los Angeles is 27th in the league in defensive EPA per snap (minus-2). And that's even after playing the Jets on Monday night. A better defense to go along with quarterback Justin Herbert might have given the Chargers something this year. Instead, they're in the middle of the pack. On a positive note, defensive end Joey Bosa seems to be rounding into form. He had 2 1/2 sacks Monday night. On the offensive side, Keenan Allen crossed 10,000 receiving yards for his career.

FOX -- Rank: 14

The Chargers are back at .500 and back in the playoff race. Good for them. Please don't make me say anything else about that atrocious game against the Jets. If I'm looking for a positive, it would be the pass rush. But still just a very uninspiring effort overall.

Yahoo! -- Rank: 13

The Chargers didn't play well on offense against a tough Jets defense, and while Los Angeles' defense plays well it has to be graded on a curve because it was against a horrendous offense. But it was still a win, the Chargers are back to .500 and maybe they can get on a run. They look better now that they're healthier.

PFT -- Rank: 15

The defense could be the key to a potential playoff run.

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