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Denver Broncos Post-Draft 2023 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Below you will find a post-draft roundup for the Denver Broncos in our consensus 2023 NFL Power Rankings.

ESPN -- Rank: 23

Most improved: Offensive line

We could say coaching is most improved, but the jury remains out on Sean Payton and the new staff until the games are played. On the field, the Broncos handed out two of the league's biggest contracts to players who changed teams on the offensive line. Mike McGlinchey signed a five-year, $87.5 million deal and guard Ben Powers received a four-year, $51.5 million deal. For a team that averaged a league-worst 16.9 points and had quarterback Russell Wilson sacked a career-high 55 times, any improvement up front will be necessary if the Broncos are going to have any chance to fully benefit from the trade for Wilson or end the team's seven-year playoff drought. -- Rank: 27

The Broncos hope Russell Wilson has a bounce-back season in his bones after a disastrous debut in Denver. The 34-year-old quarterback has received some good infrastructural aid to help bring that goal to fruition. Sean Payton entered the building as head coach, and the team spent big money in free agency to improve an offensive line that allowed Wilson to absorb a league-high 55 sacks last season. The Broncos entered this draft without first- or second-round picks, but Payton moved back into the second round with a trade that nabbed Oklahoma wideout Marvin Mims Jr. If Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy stick around, Mims is another compelling piece in a solid stable of playmakers. If Wilson fails again, it won't be because of his supporting cast.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 28

Sean Payton takes over as coach with the job of turning around Russell Wilson's career after a bad 2022 season. The roster has talent, so it's all about Wilson.

USA Today -- Rank: 23

After everything he cost from a financial, draft capital and public relations standpoint, Year 2 under, ahem, franchise QB Russell Wilson has to go better. Right?

The Athletic -- Rank: 25

Draft takeaway: They really traded a whole lot for Russell Wilson, huh? Still, with only five picks, Denver managed to add some high-upside talent, with perhaps the best deep-threat wide receiver in the class in Marvin Mims Jr. and linebacker Drew Sanders, considered by some to be the best in his position in the class. Now all the Broncos have to do is try to bring back the old Wilson.

Hype man: Last-place schedule, huge upgrade in coaching, healthy Javonte Williams and some blue-chip talent on defense? We have all the makings of a surprise playoff team.

Drew Downer: The ingredients don't matter if the chef doesn't know how to cook.

PFF -- Rank: 23

The signing of guard Ben Powers increases the Broncos' pass-blocking prowess by a large margin, along with the addition of tackle Mike McGlinchey this offseason. Denver seems committed to protecting Russell Wilson and added another weapon in Marvin Mims, who will benefit from playing alongside Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton after neither was traded away amid speculation.

While Mims will likely not continue to average 19.5 yards per catch, he's a much-needed weapon for the Broncos. They filled another need by drafting linebacker Drew Sanders, who earned 75.0-plus pass-rush and coverage grades in 2022.

PFT -- Rank: 23

Broncos will be a playoff contender if Sean Payton unlocks Russell Wilson. It is entirely possible Payton will.

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