Saturday, November 21, 2020

Cincinnati Bengals Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Throughout the 2020 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Here is where the Cincinnati Bengals rank in terms of average, best and worst:

  • Average ranking: 26.2 (27th)
  • Best ranking: 23rd (The Athletic)
  • Worst ranking: 27th (Multiple)

Below you will find a Week 11 roundup for the Bengals in our consensus 2020 NFL Power Rankings.

The Athletic -- Rank: 23

This felt like watching a basketball game between varsity and eighth-graders in which the eighth-graders have trouble even getting the ball across half court. It felt like a surprise every time the Bengals completed a pass and didn't fumble against that Steelers defense. On 13 offensive drives, Cincinnati punted nine times, fumbled once and turned it over on downs once. The Bengals have been frisky for most of the season. Their losses to the Ravens and Steelers have been the exceptions.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 27

They just aren't good enough now to compete with the Steelers or the Ravens. That will come next year.

USA Today -- Rank: 27

The abuse rookie QB Joe Burrow has absorbed is concerning ... and unlikely to improve as he faces a gauntlet of teams that apply pressure.

ESPN -- Rank: 27

What would they take back: Giving A.J. Green the franchise tag

So far, this decision hasn't aged well at all. The Bengals were hopeful a healthy Green was going to still look like a seven-time Pro Bowler after he missed the 2019 season with an ankle injury. But so far, Green has been very shaky. In Sunday's loss to the Steelers, Green had no catches on five targets. Green is averaging a mere 35.1 yards per game. While he is still someone defenses must account for and helps open things up for rookie Tee Higgins, Green hasn't provided the production the Bengals wanted when they tagged him at $18.2 million. -- Ben Baby -- Rank: 27

The Bengals were Little Mac stepping into the ring against Mike Tyson on Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger carved up an injury-depleted Cincinnati secondary for 333 yards and four touchdowns, and Joe Burrow looked out of sorts playing against Pittsburgh's elite defense in a 36-10 loss. Through nine games, the Bengals have told us who they are: They can hang with, and occasionally defeat, middling opponents at or near their level … but they are not in the same weight class as the top teams. To wit: The Steelers and Ravens have beaten the Bengals by a combined score of 63-13. Burrow has imported hope to Cincinnati, but the real work has just begun.

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