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Houston Texans 2023 NFL Mock Draft Roundup 2.0

Throughout the year and leading up to the 2023 NFL Draft, we will update our Houston Texans Mock Draft Roundup showing picks for the Houston Texans from several prominent sites and draft analysts.

The following are picks in recent mock drafts for the Texans:

CBS Sports - Wilson (9/7)

1. Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama

Anderson is the best player in college football, and he may end up being the best player to come out of Alabama during the Nick Saban era. Let that sink in for a minute.

20. Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State

Johnson played guard in 2021 and has moved to left tackle for this season. The versatility is a plus, for sure, but he has an opportunity to prove that he's a legit NFL tackle, something the Texans could certainly use in front of Davis Mills.

The Draft Network - Crabbs (9/5)

1. Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama

As much as it pains me to keep the Texans out of the quarterback rat race that is about to unfold behind them, Houston has a luxury that many teams don't... time. The team is sitting on a treasure trove of draft picks, is likely to continue to be non-competitive as they continue their rebuild, and possesses a roster that is currently devoid of talent. Let's avoid the year-two hardships we expect in Chicago for Justin Fields and make sure when we draft a quarterback, we're ready to accommodate him. That makes Will Anderson Jr., the No. 1 player eligible for this year's draft, the obvious choice to get things started.

13. Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU

Again, my mission for the Texans is clear: Get enough players in-house so that when you're ready to onboard a young quarterback, you'll be ready for that moment. That means getting more dynamic players for QB John Doe to throw to.

Kayshon Boutte is dynamic with the ball in his hands and one of the most explosive receivers eligible for this year's class. I'm not a math guy, but 1+1=2, which means Boutte would be a great addition to a lacking skill group.

Sporting News - Iyer (9/3)

1. Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama

Like Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney before him, Anderson is too explosive and physically freakish as a pass rusher to take a passer ahead of him. The Texans can think about QB with their additional first-rounder depending on what Davis Mills shows in Year 2 but to get a transcendent defender this high is smarter.

13. Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon

Whether Lovie Smith remains the coach or not, a 1-2 punch of Anderson and Sewell would be quiet a front seven dream, given the former's pass-rush juice outside and the latter's cleanup mentality everywhere on the field inside.

SI - Hanson (8/31)

2. C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Considering the difficult circumstances, Davis Mills exceeded expectations as a rookie. Depending on how comfortable the Texans are with Mills's development as a full-year starter in 2022, it's possible that they'll go in a different direction (than quarterback) next April, as the organization still has plenty of holes to address. There would be a strong trade market for the Texans to trade back in that scenario. While Stroud benefits from having an elite group of pass catchers at his disposal in Columbus, he throws with excellent anticipation and accuracy to allow his receivers to make plays. In his first year as a starter, Stroud continued to get better as the season progressed. Given his combination of arm strength, accuracy, size, mobility and smart decision making, Stroud is my QB1 in this draft class.

16. Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame

Had Foskey declared for the 2022 draft, he likely would have been a top-50 pick, and continued development could catapult him (high) into the first round. Foskey had 11 sacks and six forced fumbles as a junior. Jonathan Greenard had a strong second season in Houston (eight sacks in 13 games). Greenard and Foskey would give the Texans a talented pair of young defensive ends.

The Athletic - Baumgardner/Tice (8/31)

2. C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Even with the surprisingly competent career start from 2021 third-round pick Davis Mills, the Texans should understand the need for a difference-maker at QB — Mills still needs to show more glimpses of being the true guy there.

Stroud certainly benefits from great talent around him at Ohio State, but he maximizes it with his accuracy and timing on throws. He improved throughout the 2021 season, culminating in a fireworks show at the Rose Bowl against Utah. (Some of which came against a Utes running back, Micah Bernard, who was forced into playing cornerback. But at least Stroud understood the matchup, right?). Stroud has the ability to place throws at all three levels, and the size and maturity that oozes NFL starter. If he continues to produce and uses his athleticism a tad more as a runner, he would be an easy choice for the Texans.

12. Nolan Smith, EDGE, Georgia

Though Lovie Smith's preferred defensive scheme might not be a perfect match with Nolan Smith, the Georgia defender is just too good of a football player for the Texans to ignore. Letting Smith pin his ears back and get after the quarterback would help any defense create pressure. He has the bend and length to rush the passer, as well as the versatility to stand up and drop into coverage, if needed. A useful player with athleticism that any coach would love to have.

The Draft Network - Weissman (8/29)

1. Will Anderson, EDGE, Alabama

Barring a massive change throughout the draft cycle, I highly doubt you'll see any player other than Will Anderson Jr. in my top spot. This is a rare edge defender who literally has zero holes in his game. He is the size and length to cause issues for tackles who lack anchor and the speed, explosiveness, and bend to get around the edge with ease. His relentlessness and motor match his rare athletic gifts.

13. Jordan Addison, WR, USC

The Texans may very well have their quarterback of the future in Davis Mills. In order for him to live up to his potential, the team must continue to build around him. Houston's receiving corps has some nice pieces with Nico Collins and Brandin Cooks, but beyond that it's uninspiring. (Note: Jon Metchie III is a solid player who we are all rooting for to come back as he battles with cancer. Prayers to Metchie.)

Adding a player like Jordan Addison who can play both inside and outside, win vertically or in the quick game, and just provide a security blanket for Mills will help this offense a ton.

Pro Football Network - Fragozza (8/27)

1. Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

Name the traits you want in a quarterback, and I can guarantee Bryce Young has them. Well, outside of size (6'0", 194 pounds), if Kyler Murray can be the first overall pick, there's no reason Young can't.

Poise under pressure. Ability to work the middle of the field. Accuracy to all three levels. Young has it all. Plus, we've already seen him thrive against the closest a college player can get to an NFL defense: 2021 Georgia.

17. Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame

Isaiah Foskey is an easy projection to the NFL at 6'5" and 260 pounds. As a dynamic mover, Foskey can set the edge against the run and collapse the pocket efficiently.

Consistency and adding more power to his game will be crucial for the Notre Dame EDGE this season. Meeting these requirements could see Foskey ascend to the top of the class behind Anderson and Murphy.

ESPN - Reid (8/25)

3. C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Yes, Davis Mills could continue to play well and hang on to the starting QB gig, but if the Texans are picking this early, it's likely he didn't show enough to keep the front office from considering a quarterback in the draft. And even though Mills had a strong rookie year, Houston was still No. 26 in the league in QBR (36.6). Stroud is a technically sound signal-caller who seems to get better in every game he plays. In 2021, Stroud completed 71.9% of his passes for 4,435 yards, 44 touchdowns and six interceptions.

22. Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech

The Texans are still in the "stacking talent" phase of their rebuild, and Wilson has a chance to skyrocket up boards this fall. At 6-foot-6 and 270 pounds with a 35 5/8-inch arms and an almost 86-inch wingspan, he has physical traits that evaluators drool over. Wilson is still raw, but he could be a big riser this season. Houston tied for the fifth-fewest sacks last year (32), and Wilson (7.0 sacks in 2021) could provide a big boost off the edge.

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