Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Arizona Cardinals Week 7 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Below you will find a Week 7 roundup for the Arizona Cardinals in our consensus 2023 NFL Power Rankings.

ESPN -- Rank: 27

Lesson learned: Playing hard doesn't translate to wins.

The Cardinals have defied preseason projections with how well and how hard they've played this season. They beat the Cowboys in Week 3, stuck around with the 49ers until the fourth quarter in Week 4. They were regularly considered the worst team with the worst roster in football leading into the season, but showed quickly that this year's edition of the Cardinals is better than expected. However, that hasn't translated into more than one win. -- Josh Weinfuss

NFL.com -- Rank: 27

First halves haven't been a problem for the Cardinals, who have outscored opponents by 23 points in the opening 30 minutes of games. Third quarters haven't been terrible, with Arizona getting outscored 34-23. But in the fourth, the Cards have been abysmal, scoring seven points all season (with one touchdown back in the Week 3 upset of Dallas) while allowing 64. That's how you arrive at a 1-5 record. Arizona was awful in the red zone on Sunday, too, with Joshua Dobbs kicking off the fourth quarter with a pick down there to prevent the Cardinals from tying the game. The Rams promptly drove 88 yards to extend their lead to 23-9. It didn't help that Dobbs twice had Hollywood Brown open for touchdowns in the first half, but couldn't connect with him either time.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 28

The early-season optimism has waned the past few weeks. They should go back to tanking -- if it isn't too late.

USA Today -- Rank: 30

That's three straight losses by an average of 16.7 points per. It took a month, but it appears the Cards are who we thought they were.

The Athletic -- Rank: 27

It looked early in the season like Arizona might screw up its tanking season, but everything is back on track now. The Cardinals' win against the Cowboys remains a mystery, a mystery that could end up costing them a chance to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye next spring. Joshua Dobbs was Arizona's leading rusher Sunday (47 yards), and there's no more clarity about when Kyler Murray will return (or if he will) than there was at the beginning of the season. Arizona has Seattle, Baltimore and Cleveland up next.

FOX -- Rank: 27

Maybe it's not fair to rank the Cardinals one spot above the Giants, a team that beat them back in Week 2. But across the entire body of work, I do think the Cardinals have been the better overall team. Not that it helped them Sunday — or most Sundays, mind you.

Yahoo! -- Rank: 27

Well, maybe the Cardinals are as bad as we thought they'd be before the season. They were feisty for the first four games, and even got a win over the Cowboys. Then the past two weeks they've lost to the Bengals and Rams by 31 combined points and generally have looked a lot worse.

PFT -- Rank: 28

When will Kyler be back? And will it even matter once he returns?

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