Saturday, November 11, 2023

New England Patriots Week 10 NFL Power Rankings Roundup

Throughout the 2023 NFL season, we will compile a consensus NFL Power Rankings that averages the rankings of all 32 NFL teams.

Below you will find a Week 10 roundup for the New England Patriots in our consensus 2023 NFL Power Rankings.

ESPN -- Rank: 28

Non-QB MVP: C David Andrews

Andrews hasn't missed a snap and has been the one constant for an offensive line that has used seven different configurations in nine games. He's also usually the first player at the postgame interview podium -- usually in his game uniform -- answering challenging questions after losses. -- Mike Reiss -- Rank: 29

Bill Belichick having to answer near-weekly questions about his job status will never not be weird for me. The Patriots' ship sailed so straightly for so long, the fact that it's been adrift for a few years now has just been so strange. There's little mystery to New England's troubles, with quarterback Mac Jones being a talent-dependent game manager on a mostly talent-bereft team. The weaknesses are not just at the skill positions, but that's part of it. And thanks to the Patriots' gross rash of injuries on defense, that group is a very un-Belichickian shell of itself. The whole thing feels unstable and untenable. Even with the news last month of Belichick's offseason extension, nothing about his future in New England feels certain. That probably applies to Jones, too.

CBS Sports -- Rank: 27

This is going to be a long season and one that will question the future of Bill Belichick in New England. He should stay as long as he wants, but you never know.

USA Today -- Rank: 29

Hopefully the good people of Germany are not expecting Manning vs. Brady in Sunday's Colts-Pats game in Frankfurt.

The Athletic -- Rank: 30

Report card: F

The Patriots have the same record as the Giants yet are still fun to pick on. That's the cost of having dominated the league for so long. Folks tend to savor your ensuing misery more, and things are pretty miserable in New England. Mac Jones, the Patriots' first-round quarterback from 2021, is not good and for some reason threw the ball 44 times Sunday. He is ninth in the NFL in attempts this season (304) and 29th in yards per attempt (6.1). Why?

FOX -- Rank: 28

The Patriots' roster is bad, and the Patriots' young quarterback is struggling. I don't envy the people who have to decide if this is it for Mac Jones, or if the Patriots need to upgrade the talent around him. But the harsh reality is that New England is heading for the type of draft pick that will give them a shot at a quarterback. These are bleak but interesting times in Foxborough.

Yahoo! -- Rank: 29

Losing to a bad Commanders team that just traded two of its best players is another low point for the Patriots. The Krafts are grumbling in the owner's box. The Patriots are at the bottom of the AFC. And the real question is: How did this team beat the Bills?

PFT -- Rank: 31

Which way to the Patriot Way?

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